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With her voice a rich blend of Nico, (Velvet Underground, solo) Hope Sandoval, (Mazzy Star, Vetiver, solo) and Kendra Smith, (Dream Syndicate, Opal, solo) and a songwriting talent to match that fine company, Laura Cartwright should easily find her place in the much hallowed halls of musical fame.
I finally had the pleasure of witnessing her live show the other night; between openers Bonaparte and headliner Frog Eyes she took the stage, big acoustic guitar in hand with shyish demure grace. She was backed only by a violinist and an accordion player. Her first couple of songs were barely audible above the din of the noisy nightclub full of rowdy revelers, but by the time she was about halfway through her set, she had most of the folks present gathered towards the front, and by the end, she owned the place. It was a great thing to witness.


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