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Wayne Omaha: Let It Mellow

Transsiberian Mile# 25
Released September 2004

Wayne Omaha are one of the finest ensembles ever to emerge from Toronto’s indie scene. Let It Mellow, their fourth release, perfectly captures the bands unique psychedelic country rock; a terrific blend of the bombastic power and intimacy of the Velvet Underground, the sensitivity and intelligence of Yo La Tengo, the guitar antics and profundity of Neil Young, all kept sweet with a dash of Galaxie 500 and a pinch of Luna. Let It Mellow was recorded and mixed by Dale Morningstar at the Gas Station, with additional recording by John Critchley at Green Door Studios and Andy Magoffin at The House Of Miracles, all lending the proceedings a superb clarity. The end result is much more than the sum of its parts; there is the undeniable Wayne-O sound and feel, and Let It Mellow showcases a more overt sense of humour within the ranks on several tracks. Welcome to the mighty, special, beauty, Wayne-O world! Previous videos for 'Canary Blues in E Flat' (from "Wayne Omaha"), 'Paddle to the Sea' (from "Doubleride") and 'Driver' (from "Can the Maps..." (all coming soon to Scratch) have been popular faves on Much Music's "The Wedge". The song ‘Moonlight’ from this record appears on the recent Goldirocks movie soundtrack and the video for ‘Moonlight’ should be rotating soon as well. Wayne Omaha live shows are known for being highly entertaining affairs: blending all the special Wayne-O elements into a wild night of extended surreal jams, songs metamorphosing one into another, instrument switching, stage antics and, as always, much beauty!!

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