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Jim Christy: A Night In Grombalia

Transsiberian Mile# 16
Released December 2001

CD. Jim is the author of Shanghai Alley and Princess & Gore (two noirish crime stories set in early Vancouver), Between The Meridians (travel adventures set all over the world), Junkman (short fiction), Streethearts (growing up on the mean streets of South Philadelphia), several volumes of poetry, a book on boxing that is long out of print, biographies of Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski, newspaper and magazine articles too numerous to mention, and his sculptures, mosaics and paintings have been exhibited internationally. Add to that list now A Night In Grombalia; Jim’s first audio release featuring twelve of his original poems set to musical backdrops from jazz, folk and country-blues to ambient; perfectly reflecting the aforementioned diversity of writing. This is far more than a spoken word album… If you already know his work, you’ll totally dig this, and if you don’t, where better to start than here. “Canada’s Tom Waits” according to ‘Earshot’

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