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Devolver: The Pilot's Inside His Mind

Transsiberian Mile# 14
Released July 2001

CD. Montreal’s Devolver’s fourth (!) album of psychedelic underwater space pop song craft, and the first packaged in the more saleable jewel case format. The music on Pilot is equivalent to the disturbing calm one might feel as you ruminate on your life while slowly parachuting down into a deep lake, after jumping from a stalled airplane. Goodnight, friend. “Devolver are attempting to make the perfect album. Do they succeed? You decide…whispers and quiet lullaby songs skittering beneath obscure tape loops and keyboard backbeats…reads on many different levels…vocal shifts from sulky bass to droney storytelling” Your Flesh. “This record is a gem…classically mellow, sorrowful and edging on experimental in the vein of Low, Palace and Acetone. Perfect for listening to on a Sunday morning, watching the snow fall down, wearing your pajamas, wiling the hours away as the tears stream gently down your face.” Vice

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