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Michael P. Campitelli (aka Calamalka): On The Corner

Transsiberian Mile# 23
Released June 2004

CD. Perhaps you’re familiar with Michael P.Campitelli’s work as ‘Calamalka’, under which moniker Stereo-vidual released a self-titled 12” (that is excellent and received respectable praise) and also under which the fine folks at Plug Research are set to release a full-length debut … Michael (aka ‘Mike Pre-Amp’) has also concocted numerous beats, loops and phrases for some fine recordings, both known and unknown… In perfect harmony with this fine past, what you get here is the lovely electronic soundtrack to this excellent indie film, which just opened in theatres June 18. The tunes are a melodic and languid mix of piano melodies, fuzzy wah, and minimal loops and beats, (like computerized Erik Satie perhaps?) and "Sleep Forever" features the Usual Suspecs on the mic. Great!

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