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Transsiberian Mile# 26
Released October 2005

CD. Available Oct 25 2005. The 10 songs on this recording are beautiful, somber, almost-but-not-quite morose; a gorgeous melancholy permeates the proceedings - an album perfectly set for the grey skies and chill of fall turning to winter.

Featuring Nic Krgovich (p:ano, Burquitlam Plaza) on piano, organ, bass, electric guitar, glockenspiel, toy piano; Stefan Udell (beans) on electric guitar, saxophone, bass, bass recorder, piano, dulcimer; Ida Nilson (beans, radiogram, Kingsway, The Gay, Great Aunt Ida) on piano, Nyla Raney (fine artist, Blackavar) on cello.

Recorded at home by Stefan, and mixed and mastered at The Hive.

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