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Kingsway: U.F.O.L.P.

Transsiberian Mile# 27
Released May 2006

CD “U.F.O.L.P.” is Vancouver-based, shape-shifting ensemble Kingsway’s sophomore effort, and delivers in spades on the promises made by the first album, the superb “The Typical Or Universal Human Event.” U.F.O.L.P. is somewhat more somber in overall sound, but the subtle hooks and clever wordplay are still abundant. RC Joseph (vocals, guitar) is a masterful songwriter, and under his watchful eye (and ear) Kingsway is able to present its songs and have different bands interpret them, lending a constantly moving platform to the proceedings. This time around RC Joseph performs with the Mooncussers (Chris Klein – bass; Colin Funk - guitar, backing vocals; Brian McKendry (also of Kingsway) - guitar, backing vocals) in the role of back-up band. You might say this album is akin to Cat Power’s “Moon Pix” wherein the always ephemeral Chan Marshall was backed by the Dirty Three. Another fine array of special guests include Shaun Brodie – trumpet, (Roger Dean Young, AC Newman, Hayden) Michael P. Campitelli – drums, (Calamalka, Kinnie Starr, On The Corner OST) Jojo Darling - backing vocals, (counterrevolutionaries) Steven Wegelin – drums, (Kingsway, Great Outdoors) The conceptual song cycle here, as the title might suggest, is certainly referential of space and UFO’s. But it's not really an album about aliens and outer space. It's an album about human beings and this world.

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