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Kingsway: The Typical Or Universal Human Event

Transsiberian Mile# 22
Released November 2003

CD. KINGSWAY's first release, 'the typical or universal human event', features contributions from such talented musicians as percussionist Steven Wegelin (radiogram, red sugar), pianist and vocalist Ida Nilsen (radiogram, Beans, The Gay), bassist Chris Carlson (Tegan & Sarah, Kinnie Star), guitarist Brian McKendry (Mooncussers), guitarist Mossy Vaughn (The Heavils), and keyboardist Michael Derrick (radiogram, Autobahn Birds Of America). the typical or universal human event also boasts a backing chorus of guest vocalists including Adam Nation (ex-Mad Dash, counterrevolutionaries), Cory White (Shocore) and Ken Beattie (radiogram). The album was recorded at Profile Studios by Chôn (red sugar, radiogram, Ox, Buttless Chaps, Bottleneck, Jerk With A Bomb), who also contributed vocals and guitar to numerous tracks.

A KINGSWAY live show can feature any combination of all the aforementioned players, and quite often an array of esteemed guests! Together the assembled cast blends a sweet mix of lo-fi rock and melodic urban poetry; call it folk-rock for modern times. Sing-a-long melodies wind themselves loosely around intimate story-songs, and even after the first listen, certain catch-phrases and fragments will rumble around in your head for days. Do you know of anyone who sings about getting beat up and having a figurative aneurysm at a Beastie Boys concert, then twists it into a knife-in-the-heart ode to failed love? Now you do. KINGSWAY wears its influences sublimely well: the ghosts and shadows of Neil Young, Cat Power, CCR, Bettie Serveert, Flaming Lips and Black Francis traverse the audioscape until all are blended into a seamless and singular original.

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