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Devolver: Sky Of Holes

Transsiberian Mile# 21
Released September 2003

CD. Rejoice; Sky Of Holes, Devolver’s fifth and most accomplished full-length release to date has arrived just in time to soundtrack our fleeting summer days. While the lo-fi description can’t help but spring to mind when trying to describe their sound, the charm, personality and newfound depth in every track here prove that there’s a lot more going on than what you might first assume. These folks have been digesting their Tape-Op readings undoubtedly. You’ll be coaxed to find out why the Devolver sound is so mysteriously appealing and why the simple yet enrapturing fuzzed-out concoction of stoney-ness seems ‘just right’ in such a multitude of ways. This is not about professional studio brilliance, big-budget recording, masterful playing or anything so high-brow and commonly recognizable, but more along the lines of the pure, genuine and organic tunes we record store-dwelling fans can all relate to, but too seldom appreciate. The tracks begin as intimate folk songs, but with the addition of electronics, beats, inner and outer-space guitars, psychedelics, samples, keyboards, found sounds, bits and pieces and what-have-you, a multi-colored collection results showing the full spectrum of the gifted Devolver palette. I consider myself an experienced and weathered head, but still couldn’t help being awe-struck by the sheer heavyosity and density starting with the opening of the first track, and after that one bit I was hooked. I’ve always been a fan, but was not prepared for this new direction and more-polished-than-ever sound of the Devolver crew. I can say with confidence that this is the one; Devolver has come a long way and the proof is in the listening.

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